STAYC’s Yoon says the group’s favourite lead single “didn’t do well”

STAYC vocalist Yoon has opened up about the girl group’s personal favourite title track.

The K-pop idol recently appeared on hair stylist Kiu’s YouTube channel, where she had a candid conversation with him about STAYC’s career so far and their new mini-album ‘Teenfresh’. During their chat, Yoon revealed that the group’s favourite title track was their July 2022 single ‘Beautiful Monster’.

“My favourite [lead single] is ‘Beautiful Monster’. You might not know this song. This is our, STAYC’s most dearest song,” the idol shared. “All of us loved this song. When we listened to it for the first time we were like, ‘this is going to be huge’.”


“But it didn’t go well, and we were shocked,” Yoon shared, adding that it made the group feel unsure of themselves when they began preparing for their next release, ‘Teddy Bear’, which dropped earlier this year. “We weren’t that confident, and we weren’t sure about it,” she said.

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Yoon then said that STAYC asked to have a meeting with their producer regarding the song. “He was surprised because we had never done that before, and we sat together to talk about it,” she said. “We told him that we couldn’t do ‘Teddy Bear’. It didn’t feel like a song for us, I don’t know why.”

“We shared our opinion with him in a very respectful and polite way,” Yoon continued, adding that their producer had encouraged them to give it a try. “That made us more confident, and while making the album and doing the choreography, we realised that it wasn’t actually that bad.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Yoon discussed STAYC’s new record ‘Teenfresh’ and shared that she personally preferred its promotional B-side ‘Not Like You’ over the title track ‘Bubble’. “Its lyrics convey a strong message… like, ‘I’m different, but you are just wrong’, whatever you say, I’ll go my way,” she explained with a laugh, “It’s a good song. Just enjoy the song.”