St Vincent opens up about playing a satirical version of herself in 'The Nowhere Inn'

St Vincent has opened up about playing a satirical version of herself in The Nowhere Inn.

The mockumentary is written by St Vincent aka Annie Clark and best friend Carrie Brownstein and it sees Clark playing a fictionalised, satirical version of herself.

Speaking about the experience to Variety, Vincent said: “It was an incredibly warm and welcoming way to do my first foray into acting, because it was a script that I’d co-written with my best friend, and playing versions of myself.

“So it was as soft a landing as one could get. But not having some distance can be tricky, too.”

Speaking about the role of artist as producer in many new music documentaries, Clark said The Nowhere Inn was far away from that.

“With that, you’re operating in the realm of propaganda,” she said of such documentaries.

“And that’s not what this film is. Carrie and I talked about how usually the purpose of a film about a musician or pop star would be to humanise them, and endear them to.

“With this, it’s possible that we both are playing unlikable people. [Laughs.] Intentionally so. The purpose of it isn’t necessarily to endear one.”

The film is released in cinemas and on Apple TV+ this Friday (September 17) and follows St. Vincent’s most recent album ‘Daddy’s Home‘, and Sleater-Kinney’s ‘Path of Wellness’ album.

Meanwhile, St. Vincent recently kicked off her live shows in support of ‘Daddy’s Home’ in Portland, Maine.

The tour will hit the UK and Europe next year, in addition to previously announced festival appearances at Mad Cool in Madrid and NOS Alive in Lisbon. You can find the full dates here.