Social media reacts to Eurovision 2023 results: “Why does the jury hate fun?”

Eurovision has officially ended for another year, and of course, fans on social media had no shortage of hot takes, conspiracy theories and memes.

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest was hosted last night (May 13) at Liverpool Arena; Sweden came in first place with 583 points, followed by Finland and Israel. Viewers seemed to be divided on the final ranking, with some opining that Finnish artist Käärijä should have won for his campy and unusual ‘Cha Cha Cha’, while others found Loreen‘s ‘Tattoo’ to be a fitting winner. 

“Massive congrats to [Loreen], who lit up the [Eurovision 2023] stage for [Sweden] (for the second time!) with her current stunning song ‘Tattoo’!” wrote Erik Ramanathan, the US’ official Ambassador to the kingdom of Sweden. “As an [American], watching the celebration of music and unity at [Eurovision] is exhilarating! A great example of how music knows no borders!”


The official Twitter account of Finland also posted in support of Loreen – while giving a shoutout to Käärijä – writing: “What a thriller! Finland took the second place in [Eurovision] just behind our dear neighbour [Sweden]. There must be something about the Nordics when it comes to mind-blowing musical performance  Congrats to both Loreen and Käärijä!”

Have a look at both tweets, plus a smattering of public responses, below:


Some viewers found it suspiciously convenient that Sweden took the top spot in this year’s ranking – meaning Eurovision 2024 will be held there – given that next year will mark the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s landmark win (Sweden’s first) with ‘Waterloo’. Naturally, conspiracy theorists have flocked to the web with their hints that judges rigged the vote to ensure the next event would tie into the occasion.

Meanwhile, British fans were enraged that England placed so low in the ranking, coming in 25th place (or second-to-last) with Mae Muller‘s ‘I Wrote A Song’. Germany was the ultimate loser of the night, though, coming dead last with just 18 votes. “We are so grateful and proud,” wrote one fan of Muller’s, while another joked that Germany lost out on votes because “the jury hate[s] fun”.

Opening Eurovision 2023 was last year’s winning act, Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra, with a performance of their own reigning track ‘Stefania’. Elsewhere during the night, notable moments included a cameo from Queen‘s Roger Taylor during a performance from Sam Ryder, and a medley of Liverpudlian hits covered by Eurovision alumni from the past two decades.

In a pre-recorded video aired while the votes were being counted, ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus addressed viewers with a special message on the annual show’s impact. “The lives of some of the acts that you’ve seen tonight could be about to change forever,” he said, noting that ABBA’s “international success all began with Eurovision”.