Slipknot's Corey Taylor says new solo album is "a hybrid of different genres"

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has given fans an idea of what to expect from his forthcoming debut solo album.

The record was announced last year when Taylor said he was “putting a band together” to make his first solo work.

In a new interview on Knotfest’s ‘Mosh Talks’, the singer said the record will draw on influences including Slade, Johnny Cash and Alice In Chains.

“The way I’ve been looking at it is it’s like a futuristic throwback,” Taylor said. “Everything on this album is a hybrid of all these different genres that I’m really into. It’s a modern take on vibes that people have heard before, and yet I’ve taken them and kind of thrown them through this crazy filter to see what we get. Everybody who hears it is just blown away, so I’m really, really stoked.”

He added that two singles will be released ahead of the LP, one of which he describes as a “crusher” with a “huge chorus,” and another that’s “just as fun on completely the other end of the spectrum.”

Last month, Taylor revealed that the album is now “finished” and contains 25 songs, 12 of which are covers.
“All the songs are things that I’ve written over the years but they didn’t really fit with either band,” Taylor said. “So it’s stuff that I’ve just kind of been sitting on. And I realised — I just kind of turned around and I was just, like, ‘Geez, I’ve got all these songs.’”