SF9’s Rowoon says taking on acting roles is “still nerve-racking”

SF9 member and actor Rowoon has opened up about his acting career.

In a new issue of AnOther Magazine, the K-pop singer and actor discussed the evolution of his acting career, sharing that he still finds taking on new roles “nerve-racking”.

“I always ask myself, ‘Why do I feel this way? Why am I so nervous?’ And it’s the thought that someone is going to be judging my acting,” said Rowoon, who added that he saw himself as a “tool” of the director.


“I always go on set thinking I may know the right answer and I try to persuade a director that a certain scene is acted a certain way. But if the director was to give me an order afterwards, I’d take it on board because there’s never a correct answer,” he explained. “That’s why it’s so fun. It’s like walking blindfolded.”

Later in the interview, Rowoon spoke about the experience of taking on his first leading role in the 2019 drama Extraordinary You. “There was a lot of pressure in being a main character, and my script almost fell apart because I’d read it so many times,” he said, adding that he was “so scared”.

“But I was doing everything I could to prepare, so I was actually very liberated on set. By being so in touch with myself and the character, I felt a kind of catharsis,” shared the SF9 member.

The actor currently stars in the fantasy-romance drama Destined With You, which is available to stream on Netflix in selected regions. His next project is historical romantic comedy The Wedding Battle, which will premiere on KBS2 in late-October.

Rowoon also recently made a special appearance in Netflix’s new original series A Time Called You, a remake of the 2019 Taiwanese series Someday or One Day that arrived on the streaming platform earlier this month.

The director of A Time Called You has since shared that the actor wasn’t paid “any money” for his role.