SEVENTEEN take down controversial teaser featuring Great Wall of China

K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN have taken down a teaser clip for their upcoming mini-album after receiving backlash from Chinese fans.

Over the past few days, the 13-member group have released a series of teaser clips featuring famous landmarks in different cities around the world to promote their upcoming mini-album ‘Seventeenth Heaven’, which arrives in October.

These included shots of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Times Square in New York, Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo and the Great Wall of China in Beijing, with smiling chamomile flowers – also featured in the record’s album art – floating around them.


However, the group received backlash from some Chinese fans after the teaser for Beijing was uploaded, who expressed that the use of the historical landmark in the clip was disrespectful.

In response, their agency Pledis Entertainment deleted the teaser featuring the Great Wall of China, and have since issued an apology on September 24. “We received criticism from fans that our understanding and respect of the Great Wall of China had been lacking,” said Pledis Entertainment per Soompi.

The agency then shared that it had deleted the video, and apologised for making fans uncomfortable, promising to be more careful in the future. “We will make an effort to create content that fans from many different countries, regions, and cultures can all enjoy together,” it said.