(Sandy) Alex G shares new instrumental song 'Rosebush' | NME

(Sandy) Alex G has quietly released a new song, ‘Rosebush’, uploading it to his personal YouTube account yesterday (April 6).

A largely instrumental track from the Philadelphia indie songwriter, ‘Rosebush’ is accompanied by a short story about the titular plant, a woman named Joanna and three cats.

“In a dream, black flowers grew around her bed. She picked one and held it close to her face, twirling it by the stem. What a wonderful mess, she thought. How did these blossoms get here overnight?” reads the story’s first paragraph.

Listen to the new song below:

The track includes a lively saxophone solo courtesy of regular (Sandy) Alex G collaborator, David Allen Scoli. The new release also features collaborators John Heywood on bass and Molly Germer playing violin.

(Sandy) Alex G’s latest release, his ninth full-length album ‘House of Sugar’, was released in September 2019. In our review, NME called the record “wildly creative and simultaneously cohesive.”

“[His songs] are largely streams of his conscience: creations that invite listeners to cosy up in his world. On ‘House of Sugar’, it’s his most exciting invitation yet.”