RZA on 2Pac: “He was probably more dangerous than Notorious B.I.G.”

RZA has revealed that he thinks 2Pac was a more “dangerous” rapper than The Notorious B.I.G., comparing the late icon to Malcolm X in terms of his worldview.

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper was recently interviewed by hip-hop platform The Art Of Dialogue, where he made some rare comments about the age-old question: Biggie or 2Pac?

“You go to Pac, once again, immaculate voice, but what Pac had, I think, was a way of touching us in all of our emotions,” said RZA. “Pac had the power to infuse your emotional thought, like ‘Brenda Has A Baby,’ ‘Dear Mama,’ but then he had the power to arouse the rebel in you.”

The rapper continued: “And those two things – actually, he was probably more dangerous than Big. Pac was more going into the Malcolm X of things and society fears that.”

RZA went on to note that “Big communicated love but he wasn’t starting revolutions.”

Recent headlines have also seen 2Pac‘s nephew, the actor Malik Shakur, reveal that he has no desire to ever play his legendary uncle on screen.

“It’s funny because there’s two pictures on my mother’s fridge in her house and one of them is me in Atlanta at a protest to the killing of Trayvon Martin, and the other is ‘Pac, a little bit over 18,” Malik said. “In the photo I think he’s [2Pac] in Baltimore or something and he’s at a protest … yeah he’s protesting Apartheid I think, and we look just alike. We’re making the same fist … I guess he gave me that bone in my body.”

He added: “When I hear stories like that about him being a card-carrying member of the communist party or I hear about him fighting apartheid before any celebrity … that’s really relatable to me now. These stories tell me what he felt was important to him back then.”

Earlier this year, RZA released new album ‘RZA vs Bobby Digital’, which was executive produced by DJ Scratch.