Robbie Williams says the UK is "delusional" about drink and drugs

Robbie Williams has called for the UK to cut on back on alcohol and drugs, claiming that the country has been “delusional” about the adverse effects of it.

The singer, who has been sober for almost 20 years, opened up in an earnest Instagram live session on Friday night.

“The thing about drugs and drink is the delusion. In the UK and many places, it’s as natural as breathing,” Robbie said.

He added: “You just do not think about it — you leave school then you go to the pub and that is it, and then you drink. What I am finding since I have actually been properly sober is what a delusion that way of thinking is.

“We don’t need any of that stuff. Then it becomes a crutch and then people rely on it and I totally get it. But it’s such a crying shame that it is such a natural thing to do. I think it shouldn’t be a ­natural thing to do.”

Robbie Williams performs live

The father-of-four then went on to explain how he plans to educate his own children on the dangers of substance abuse from a young age.

“I have thought about this a lot and I am going to have a conversation with them probably earlier than you would want to have a conversation with children about drugs,” he said.

“Then it is up to them if any of them fall by the wayside. But I hope to terrify them before they even consider it.”

Robbie added: “I think drugs are sort of like a chemical ouija board. I am sure we have all been interested in what the ouija does and getting scared and all that business. I think drugs is the same as ouija board.”

“I think they let in very, very dark energies that come in and consume you.”

Robbie’s comments came during his latest Instagram live session – which he has been using to entertain fans during lockdown. Last week, he delivered an unlikely cover of Manic Street Preachers’ Motorcycle Emptiness, and also covered Oasis’ Wonderwall in another recent video.