Red Velvet’s Joy to resume activities after a two-month hiatus

South Korean singer Joy of K-pop girl group Red Velvet is set to resume her activities with the quintet after a short hiatus.

Today (June 20), Joy’s agency, SM Entertainment, announced in a statement that the K-pop idol would be resuming all scheduled activities starting tomorrow (June 21) with the filming of TV Animal Farm.

“Joy has been resting, and her health has improved a lot in the meantime, and after discussions with our agency and medical staff, she has decided to return to her activities,” SM Entertainment added.


“We would like to thank all the fans who gave Joy lots of support and encouragement, and we will do our best to support Joy so that she can continue her activities in good health in the future.”

In April, SM Entertainment announced that Joy would not be participating in any planned activities for the time being due to the “poor condition” of her health. “After consultation and examination [at a hospital, the medical staff advised that she needs treatment and rest,” the label said at the time.

Joy had been unable to join Red Velvet on the vast majority of their ‘R to V’ world tour from May to early-June due to her hiatus. The singer’s sole appearance on the tour outside of South Korea was at the Singapore stop.

However, during the Singapore show, Joy notably left the stage early. Member Wendy later told the audience that Joy was “not feeling well”, as reported by The Straits Times.