Rammstein drummer Christoph Schneider issues statement on Till Lindemann sexual assault allegations

Rammstein drummer Christoph Schneider has spoken out about the current allegations against Till Lindemann.

Schneider took to his social media to express his feelings about the situation with the band’s frontman. Lindemann is currently being investigated by prosecutors in Berlin, following multiple allegations of sexual assault.

The statement posted to Schneider’s official social media accounts (translated from German) read: “Dear people, I would like to share my personal emotions and thoughts with you. The accusations of the last few weeks have deeply shaken us as a band and me as a person. You fans certainly too. I feel as if in shock by the things that have been shared on social media and in the press and in print about our singer. This is an ebb and flow of emotions for us band members and crew.”

He continued: “No, I don’t think anything criminally relevant (such as the use of knockout drops) happened. No. I don’t think anything illegal was going on, I’ve never seen anything like it, nor heard anything like it from any of our crew of 100 people. All I heard from Till’s parties were adults celebrating together. And yet things seem to have happened that, although legally ok, I personally don’t think are ok.”

“Certain structures have grown that went beyond the limits and values of the other band members. It is also important to us that Till’s parties are not confused with our official after-show parties.Till has distanced himself from us in recent years and created his own bubble, with their own people, their own parties, their own projects,” he added.

“That made me sad, definitely. I believe Till when he tells us that he always wanted and still wants to give his private guests a good time. How exactly these guests had imagined this, however, seems to differ in some cases from his own ideas. The wishes and expectations of the women who have now come forward were probably not fulfilled. According to their statements, they felt uncomfortable, on the edge of a situation that they could no longer control.”

Till Lindemann
18 June 2022, North Rhine-Westphalia, Duesseldorf: Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann performs the song “Deutschland” on stage (Credit: Malte Krudewig/picture alliance via Getty Images)

“I feel sorry for her and I feel compassion. However, it is important for me to emphasize something objective: every guest in the backstage area is free to leave (they may have to wait a moment for security to lead them safely to the exit). All bottles are sealed and in full view of the guests freshly opened or they open them themselves.”

Schneider went on to explain that water and snacks were readily available for their guests at anytime, adding: “We want all of our guests to feel comfortable and safe with us! This is our standard. So I’m sorry to hear that some didn’t feel that way.”

He continued: “We have the greatest fans in the world and they all deserve to be treated with respect! I’m sorry for anyone who wasn’t treated kindly or felt unsafe backstage with us. Also for Shelby, she deserved a great concert and a wonderful evening.”

Rammstein, Till Lindemann, Christoph Schneider; Christian Lorenz, Oliver Riedel, Richard Kruspe, Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Holland, 28 May 2010. Credit: Gie Knaeps/Getty
Rammstein, Till Lindemann, Christoph Schneider; Christian Lorenz, Oliver Riedel, Richard Kruspe, Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Holland, 28 May 2010. Credit: Gie Knaeps/Getty

His statement ended with: “I don’t want this whole public dispute about our band to feed the extremes: neither the beast social media, which has not yet been tamed by our society, nor paternalistic tendencies to deny women in their mid-20s the ability to make self-determined decisions about their sexuality and also by no means victim blaming, so that people continue to date to talk about it if something happened to them. I wish for a calm, level-headed reflection and processing, also in our band.And all together, six of us. We stand together.”

The allegations against Lindemann first arose last month, when a 24-year-old named Shelby Lynn claimed that a supposed “casting director” invited her to sit in a “row zero” section at the band’s show in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Documented on social media, she claimed that someone led her beneath the stage and the singer later made an advance towards her. She also said that she rejected the advances and Lindemann reacted angrily. Lynn also made it clear that she is not accusing the frontman of rape.

“I’d like to clarify again. Till did NOT touch me,” she wrote on Twitter. “He accepted I did not want to have sex with him. I never claimed he raped me.”

She also alleged that she felt like she had been drugged at a pre-show party, however, it was later reported that a urine test showed no signs of intoxication. Following the accusations, the band denied any wrongdoing.

Following Lynn’s accusations coming to light, other women also came forward with similar claims — stating that they were too approached by a “casting director” who was looking to arrange a meeting with Lindemann.

Earlier this month, it was also reported that publishing house Kiepenheuer & Witsch — which published a 2020 book of Lindemann’s poetry — had severed any ties to the musician following the allegations and an explicit video that resurfaced.

“From our point of view, Till Lindemann exceeds immovable limits in dealing with women,” the statement read. “We have therefore decided to end our collaboration with Till Lindemann with immediate effect, as our relationship of trust with the author has been irretrievably broken.”

Responding to the accusations and the statement from Kiepenheuer & Witsch, the band issued a statement on social media, denying all claims. They also urged fans to withhold from joining in the “public prejudice” against the members and those coming forward with accusations.

Rolling Stone has since reported that the band have barred the “casting director” — named from attending future concerts, and that after parties for recent Munich concerts were cancelled.

For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.