PUP's Stefan Babcock shares new song written during quarantine

PUP frontman Stefan Babcock has shared a new song written while in quarantine.

‘Waiting For Something To Happen’ comes with its own video featuring the band’s drummer Zack Mykula and French horn player Rachel O’Connor.

The song, Babcock says, is inspired by quarantine being “boring as shit”. In the description for the song, the band write: “Stef wrote this song last week and Zack played sampler pads on it. This doesn’t sound like pup coz the 4 of us can’t be in the same room together but maybe you’ll like it anyway. Quarantine is boring as shit.”

Lyrically, ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’ is a meditation on the process of self-isolation, as Babcock sings: “You barely feel like you’re alive, you think about it all the time / I’ve been hiding out inside, staying positive, trying to keep my head.” Listen to it below.

PUP released their most recent album ‘Morbid Stuff’ last spring, which NME called “a refreshing, sarcastic antidote to fighting misery with the usual greetings card-meets-motivational poster sentiment,” adding that the band now sit “at the top of the present-day punk rock pile”.

Babcock recently spoke to NME about stamping down on bad behaviour and creating a safe environment at their gigs. “I think every band has a responsibility to kind of call out bad behaviour and try to change the culture around their shows,” he said. “Every band should have an open dialogue about it with their fans. Just to encourage people to come out and tell them if they’re not having a good time at their shows or not feeling safe at their shows.

“I think that’s the most important thing that you can do for your scene is have an open dialogue about the things that are maybe not perfect and do your best to, you know, be part of the change.”