Patrick Wolf opens up about 2015 hit-and-run: “It was the universe saying ‘Slow down.”

Patrick Wolf has discussed his experience of being involved in a hit-and-run incident in Italy in 2015.

The singer had gone to Italy to visit the villa of the composer Puccini, the same month that his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Following the hit-and-run, he was unable to walk for some time.

“Apparently, I got up, covered in blood, and said, ‘Let’s go to the beach!’” Wolf told The Guardian. “It was the universe saying, ‘Slow down, your mother is ill, you’re fucked.’ Everything was chasing me.”


Wolf is set to release an EP, ‘The Night Safari’, on Friday (April 14), marking his first full body of work in ten years. It features the singles ‘Enter The Day’, which was released in November, and ‘Nowhere Game’.

He admitted elsewhere in the interview that the idea of returning to music had seemed impossible. “For a long time, all I wanted was silence,” he said. “If a friend mentioned Patrick Wolf I would shiver, I felt so detached from the whole project. I was just not there because I’d been drunk for so long.”

Meanwhile, he also contemplated the mistakes he had made earlier in his career. “A lot of hunger for fame comes from unresolved trauma,” he said. “Now I’ve healed that, I can’t think of anything worse. I have no time for existential yearning – that’s part of being young, the disquiet at where you are and the longing to be somewhere else.” He squints against the sun bouncing off the waves: “Now I know exactly what I don’t want to be or do.”

Since his last release, 2012 double album ‘Sundark And Riverlight’. , Wolf was reported to be writing the score for a biopic based on the early life of English playwright and actor Noël Coward In 2014.

“I am so thrilled for my first film soundtrack composition to be about Noël Coward’s early life, we both grew up in the same parts of southwest London and began our journeys onto the stage and into writing at the same precocious age,” he said at the time.