Orville Peck releases acoustic performance of 'Summertime' | NME

Country singer-songwriter Orville Peck has shared an acoustic rendition of his most recent track, ‘Summertime’.

The acoustic recording features Peck performing the track in a studio, supported by pianist Duncan Hay Jennings. Watch the performance below:

The single, released this month, is Peck’s first new music since the release of his debut album, ‘Pony’, in March last year through Sub Pop. The song’s release came hand-in-hand with a music video, which features the country singer and plenty of flowers.

In his recent cover interview with NME, Peck explained the meaning behind the track.

“Summertime can be a season, a person, or a memory of a happier time that can be difficult to visit. Ultimately this is a song about biding your time and staying hopeful — even if it means missing something or someone,” he said.

In the same interview Peck also confessed his love for Lana Del Rey, likening her style to his own.

“She has a real lonely, melancholy solitary power, which essentially is a cowboy,” he said of the singer. “That’s how I’ve felt my whole life.”

Peck was recently revealed as a collaborator with Diplo on his forthcoming country project, ‘Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil’, which will be released under his real name, Thomas Wesley. The album will be released in May.