Orville Peck praises "solitary power" of Lana Del Rey

Orville Peck has opened up on his love of Lana Del Rey, claiming that the singer has a “solitary power” which he is able to widely identify with.

Peck, who is the star of this week’s NME Big Read, praised Del Rey when asked about the artists who are influencing his own sound at the moment.

“She has a real lonely, melancholy solitary power, which essentially is a cowboy,” he said of the ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ singer. “That’s how I’ve felt my whole life.”

Opening up on his other influences, Peck said: “I think there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening in pop music at the moment.

“You have someone like Billie Eilish, which isn’t to my ears typical Top 40 music. It has a lot more depth than I was anticipating when I first heard about her.

“I think the rap world always has a lot of cowboy energy – Megan Thee StallionTierra Whack, that new crew. Doja Cat, who I really like, and Rico Nasty. I think with the new crop of – especially female – rappers, there’s a lot of cowboy energy going on there.”

In the same interview, Peck also spoke about his love of Oasis and said that he once invited Liam Gallagher to one of his gigs.

“Ha! I don’t think so! I would know if he was there,” he responded when asked if Liam had showed up to the show.

“He’d be standing in the corner, being like, ‘Little fucking idiot up there with his cowboy hat’.”

Last week, Peck also shared the video for his new song ‘Summertime’.