Nothing But Thieves re-address accusations of sexual assault

Nothing But Thieves have denied accusations levelled at some band members of sexual assault.

The Essex band previously responded to allegations made in 2017, which they “100% denied| at the time. They issued a fresh statement yesterday (April 10) to readdress what they claim are “entirely false” accusations made in Tweets posted recently.

“We want to re-address some tweets that have been circulating recently regarding some members of the band,” their statement begins, before outlining that the case has been taken to the police and since dismissed on the basis of “false allegations”.

The statement continued: “Whilst we do not want to name anyone personally, we do feel it is important to mention that the matter was brought to the police. We gathered our evidence and the case was recorded by the police as needing no further action.

“The police then warned the person in question about making false allegations in the future that would amount to harassment. These allegations have continued so we feel it is important to be open about what has happened.

“Several posts detailed or implied the involvement of those who were underage of consent at the time of the alleged interactions. We want to make it clear that this is entirely false.”

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Nothing But Thieves

The group went on to write that they recognised “a misuse of the imbalance of power may have occurred” between them and their fans, and have apologised.

“In truth, the imbalance of power was not something we were aware of as a young band. Whilst not illegal or malicious, it was naive and it’s important that we be mindful of how others have been affected by this,” they wrote.

“We understand, and have done for some time now, that as a band we hold a certain position of power. We accept full blame for not being mindful of this in the past.

“We want to make clear that we have long grown from this and will continue to do so in the future.”