Noel Gallagher wants to join a supergroup with the surviving Beatles

Noel Gallagher has said that he wants to join a supergroup with the surviving members of The Beatles.

The soloist and former Oasis member has long cited the Fab Four’s influence on his music, and previously said that the legendary band “mean everything to me”.

Back in 1995, Gallagher joined forces with Paul McCartney and Paul Weller to record a cover of The Beatles’ classic song ‘Come Together’. The High Flying Birds musician also teamed up with Macca for a duet at Stella McCartney’s 50th birthday party in 2021.


Gallagher has now been quoted by the Mirror as saying that he’d “definitely join a supergroup” with McCartney and Ringo Starr.

“I don’t know if I would start one,” he explained. “Who would I like to be in a supergroup with? I could be in a band with [Paul] Weller and I could be in a band with Johnny [Marr], easily.”

Gallagher added: “Playing the bass… Ringo and Macca would be fucking great.

“Imagine being in a band with Ringo and Macca. Who’s singing? Everyone. I’d fucking pay to be in it. Get me [promoter] Harvey ­Goldsmith.”

Paul McCartney performing live on stage
Paul McCartney performs live. CREDIT: Harry Durrant/Getty Images

Last October, Gallagher said that The Beatles still remain “a level above” in terms of cultural power.


Asked if he had ever spoken to any of the members of The Beatles about songwriting, he replied: “No, I don’t really speak to other songwriters about songwriting because what would you say? I’m just of the opinion that everybody is the same, some people are just more talented than others.”

In recent news, Gallagher has revealed that he now struggles to remember the lyrics to his songs while performing onstage. He explained that would consider using a teleprompter in the future, saying: “I’m sure, eventually, I’ll need one.”

Gallagher, meanwhile, is set to embark on a UK arena tour this year in support of his latest High Flying Birds album ‘Council Skies’. You can find any remaining tickets here.