Nile Marr releases debut solo EP 'Still Hearts'

Nile Marr has released his debut solo EP ‘Still Hearts’ – scroll down the page to listen to it below now.

The EP follows his 2019 single ‘Part Time Girl’ as well as a stint touring the world as a guitarist in Hans Zimmer’s band.

Speaking in a press release about the record’s title track, Marr said it was “born out of a desire to make music that makes people feel good, makes people feel happy”.

He continued: “I’d moved back to Manchester and fell in love with my home and it’s people all over again. Written underneath a bar on Manchester’s busiest strip, I’d be writing underground on friday and saturday nights as the city partied, danced and fell in love above me. That energy and feeling bled into everything I was doing at the time. Pop music at a time like this.”


Following the release of ‘Still Hearts’, Marr will continue work on his debut solo album, which is “full of material inspired by the last few years”.

Marr, son of The Smiths legend Johnny, was previously the frontman for Manchester band Man Made, who released their debut album ‘TV Broke My Brain’ in 2016.

Speaking to NME at the time, the musician reflected on how being from Manchester had informed him as both an artist and a person. “The Beach Boys could never have come from Manchester, it would have been completely dishonest!” he said. “It’s important that you listen to where you are because you’ll get something that nobody else can.”

Meanwhile, Johnny Marr recently broke down how to play an iconic riff from The Smiths’ ‘The Headmaster Ritual’. The star joined a number of fellow musicians to record video tutorials for Fender to help fans nail their favourite songs.