Nick Hakim shares new single 'Crumpy' featuring Mac DeMarco | NME

Nick Hakim has released the second single, ‘Crumpy’, from his forthcoming album, titled ‘WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD’. The track features Mac DeMarco on guitar.

‘Crumpy’ follows the album’s first single ‘QADIR’, released on March 31. Listen to the new song below:

“There’s a lot of madness going on around us and this world can feel so cold,” said Hakim about his upcoming record, which will drop on May 15.

“It can get hard to remember what makes it worth it. The people around me and the music I love helps. For a while, I couldn’t write. I worked on new music but couldn’t find the right words. But that time was just a build-up to the three months of expression that led to this album.”

Hakim also touched on what he wanted his new album to achieve.

“I hope this music will raise awareness about where we are right now,” he said per a press release.

“About how we are living on this planet. About how we treat our neighbours. About community. About depression. About what can heal us and what can’t. About overmedication, overstimulation and manipulation. About respecting and loving the people around us, because one day they won’t be here — or you won’t.”

In the statement, Hakim conceded that “it’s also true that I’m still trying to figure this record out”.

“People have told me that it’s confusing or that it’s messy — that’s fine. There’s so much pressure on artists to commit to being one thing, or to restrict an album to exploring just one subject or sound. But my life isn’t like that, and so my music can’t be like that either. I’m not thinking about this music as a product to be bought and sold, or how I’ll buy your interest.”

‘WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD’ will mark Hakim’s fourth studio album to date, following his last LP ‘Green Twins’ in 2017. In recent years, Hakim has also collaborated with Lianne La Havas, Anderson .Paak, Onyx Collective, Slingbaum and more.