MONSTA X’s Joohoney to make solo debut in May

MONSTA X rapper Joohoney is set to make his solo debut next month.

On April 28, several South Korean news outlets reported that the idol and actor would be releasing his first solo album next month. This was confirmed by his agency Starship Entertainment later that day, which shared that Joohoney is currently working on his debut record.

“Joohoney is currently preparing his first solo album, with the goal of a release at the end of May. Please give it lots of interest,” said the K-pop agency, per Soompi. At the time of publishing, Starship has yet to announce the project’s title, format or release date.


Joohoney is set to be the third member of MONSTA X to officially debut as a soloist, after fellow rapper I.M, who dropped his debut mini-album ‘Duality’ in 2021, and vocalist Kihyun, who released his debut single ‘Voyager’ last year.

The MONSTA X rapper has previously dropped several solo mixtapes over the course of his career, the latest of which is 2020’s ‘Psyche’. However, this upcoming record will mark the idol’s first official solo release.

Additionally, Joohoney will also star in Netflix’s upcoming original film Lost in America, which will follow a K-pop boyband who get stranded in Texas ahead of their debut performance in New York City, and have to find their way to the Big Apple in time.