Missy Elliott reflects on the making of ‘The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)’ music video

Missy Elliott has reflected on creating the iconic music video for her track ‘The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)’, recalling a slight wardrobe mishap on the shoot day.

In the video for the 1997 song the rapper wears an inflatable black leather bodysuit, which is shot in a high angle fish-eye lens.

Reflecting on the video being ranked the number one greatest hip-hop video of all time by Rolling Stone, the rapper shared on Twitter: “Fun fact I had to go to a gas station in Brooklyn NY to get air in this blow up suit & the suit blew up so big I couldn’t fit in the car so I had to walk back to set down the street in this outfit in BROOKLYN. dem ppl was riding pass like she must be high.”


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“High as a kite,” she joked in a follow-up tweet. “I wonder if anybody from Brooklyn saw me that day walking down the street in that hot ass suit. if you look at the music video it had deflated by the time I got back to set so some scenes the suit flat after all that walking.”

Sharing clips of the music video, Elliott went on: “Funfact about the blow up suit deflating so the first lil clip is after they had to keep blowing the suit up but the second clip you can see the suit deflating but shit we was on a budget so we kept the scenes where the the suit was deflated. that was so hood.”

Last month, Elliott also reflected on production of song, which features a sample of Ann Peebles’ 1973 single ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’. “My BEATS & STYLE & my physical appearance the chubby gal was not like anyone else out,” she shared in a tweet.


“I was Animated & doing sound effects way back then which we now call them ADLIBS. Look at this video 2day this came out 26 years ago & it is still is SO far AHEAD. this is Facts.”

Back in March, Elliott featured on FLO‘s new single ‘Fly Girl’, which samples Elliott‘s 2002 hit ‘Work Hit’ along with an original verse.

“Working with FLO has been nothing less than amazing,” said the legendary rapper and producer. “I remember a few of their fans sent me clips of their performances, and I immediately felt the authentic 90’s vibe.”