Miley Cyrus album of break-up tracks reportedly surfaces under pseudonym

Miley Cyrus is rumoured to have secretly released an album of break-up songs and possible demos last month.

The 12-track record reportedly landed on streaming platforms on March 10 – the same day Cyrus dropped her eighth full-length effort, ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ (via Rolling Stone UK).

Titled ‘Down With Me’, the mysterious collection arrived under the pseudonym ‘Clara Pierce’. Track titles included ‘I Don’t Wanna Tell You Lies’, ‘Hands Of Time’, ‘Can’t Live Forever’, ‘Not My Vibe’ and ‘Right Hand Man’.


It’s said that the vocals bore a striking resemblance to Cyrus’. The lyrics and themes, meanwhile, alluded to the breakdown of a romantic relationship numerous times across the album.

‘At Least I Can Say That I Tried’ shared similarities with ‘Slide Away’, an emotional standalone single Cyrus released in 2019. “I want my house in the hills/ Don’t want the whiskey and pills,” the star sings in the latter song.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus. CREDIT: Marcell Rév

The Pierce cut featured the lines: “It feels like overkill/ Don’t need another pill/ Got lost in the chaos/ You don’t know when to stop/ When I wake up, look over at him/ He’s still so fucked up/ I’m always afraid of what I will find.”

‘At Least I Can Say That I Tried’ is commonly known among Cyrus’ fanbase as ‘1000 Times (Been Through This)’ – a demo she made for a Juice WRLD team-up that never saw the light of day.

The song ‘Sagittarius’ was an apparent nod to Cyrus’ star sign, and also referenced the single ‘Mother’s Daughter’ from her 2019 EP ‘She Is Coming’. “I told you once before, I’m my mother’s daughter,” Pierce sings.


‘She Is Coming’ was initially intended to be a precursor to a studio album called ‘She Is Miley Cyrus’, though that project never materialised. Cyrus’ next full record would be 2020’s ‘Plastic Hearts’.

It is reported that all of the songs on ‘Down With Me’ credited Willian Cordeiro as the songwriter, apart from ‘I Don’t Wanna Tell You Lies’, which is credited to Carla Pierce.

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The ‘leaked’ record has since been removed from all major online music sites.

As the New York Post notes, some fans have suggested that ‘Down With Me’ could just be another impressive AI-generated music project.

Earlier this month, a “lost” Oasis album – created by artificial intelligence – was shared online. The collection, which was developed by indie band Breezer, was subsequently praised by Liam Gallagher. “Mad as fuck, he tweeted. “I sound mega.”

In a four-star review, NME said that Miley Cyrus’ ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ “certainly feels like an accurate reflection of who she is as an artist – and a person – in 2023”.

“She’s still working out what she wants from a relationship. She knows she can pull off different musical styles even when she’s not trying to make bangers (or ‘Bangerz’). And when she sings “But don’t forget, baby I’m a wildcard” on the third-to-last song, you’ll definitely believe her.”