Megan Thee Stallion on remix of BTS' 'Butter': “We all really wanted to do it”

Megan Thee Stallion has looked back on collaborating with BTS on a remix of the boyband’s hit single ‘Butter’.

In a new “Hot Ones” interview with First We Feast, the American rapper talked about her recent music releases, including her collaboration with K-pop juggernauts on a remix of their smash hit ‘Butter’. “What do you think was so special about the ‘Butter’ remix with BTS that helped launch it to a Billboard No.1?” asked host Sean Evans.

“I feel like what was special about it was the fact that we all really wanted to do it,” answered Megan. “And it was, like, a little trouble getting there, but we got through it, and I feel like everyone was so excited about it, and I was so excited to meet them.”

Prior to the song’s release in August, the rapper had filed a petition in court after her label had allegedly blocked her from releasing it. A Texas judge later cleared the song and granted her permission to drop the remix.

Elsewhere in the interview, Megan also discussed her recent meet-up with BTS in New York. The boyband had met up with her and her dog, 4oe, following their appearance at the United Nations General Assembly.

“They came to New York. They wanted to meet me. I was like, ‘Y’all wanna see me?’ So, we all went up to Roc Nation, and they came, and they met 4oe, and they gave us gifts, and it was just so cute,” shared the rapper.

In a vlog released on BTS’ YouTube channel, the two acts also revealed that they talked about the possibility of working together again. “Whenever we do another song, I feel like we gotta do it big. We gotta do a video, and it’s gonna be happening,” said Megan, which BTS’ Jungkook responded to with excited clapping.