Megan Thee Stallion hits out at DaBaby over supposed Tory Lanez support

Megan Thee Stallion has criticised DaBaby after the rapper seemed to show his support for Tory Lanez.

Lanez is facing charges over an alleged shooting incident last July, with Megan claiming that he shot her after a house party in the Hollywood Hills.

The charges, issued on October 8, include assault with a semiautomatic firearm – personal use of a firearm – and another for carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle.

DaBaby, who appears on Lanez’s new song ‘Skat’, appeared to retweet a post discussing how the pair collaborated because of their past legal issues.

After blaming the retweet on a tech issue and saying it was out of his control, Megan tweeted: “Support me in private and publicly do something different…these industry men are very strange. This situation ain’t no damn “beef” and I really wish people would stop down playing it [the alleged shooting] like it’s some internet shit for likes and retweets.”

The situation then escalated through a further series of tweets, with DaBaby saying he had “no bad energy” towards Megan, and advising her to “stay focused”.

Megan then hit back, writing: “My stance hasn’t changed at all YOURS has. We already spoke about this in private and you specifically said ‘that ain’t even no good business move why would I promote that shit’ but now this ain’t your ‘beef’ ? That ain’t real. But you stay on ya ‘business’ my g.”

“You ain’t tweeting nothing I ain’t tell dat n***a directly,” DaBaby then replied. “I told him da same shit. lol. Whoever cleared it [his ‘Skat’ verse] cleared it, so what. Shit still ain’t enough of my bidness for MFs to be feelin some type of way bout my pretty chocolate ass. Gettin into dat don’t feed my ppl.”

In January, Lanez reportedly launched a bid to discuss the allegations levelled against him by Megan after a judge ordered him to stay silent.

The rapper is said to have filed new documents, seen by TMZ, in order to discuss the charges after previously pleading not guilty and claiming that the “truth will come to the light”.