Man's lockdown 'recreation' of Freddie Mercury's Live Aid performance goes viral

With the ongoing coronavirus lockdown depriving music fans of live shows, one man has taken it upon himself to ‘recreate’ Freddie Mercury‘s legendary Live Aid performance.

Standing on his roof and using a broomstick for a microphone, the unnamed man lip-synced to the now-iconic ‘day-oh’ sequence from Queen’s 1985 show at Live Aid.

Footage was first uploaded to a YouTube Channel under the name Felicity Griffiths, with more then appearing on Twitter. Take a look below.

It’s not the only Queen-inspired coronavirus performance. Musician Adrian Grimes’ reimagining of the band’s 1975 hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ has garnered over 3.5 million views since it was uploaded on March 21. It includes new lyrics, such as “Mama, I just killed a man / I didn’t stay inside in bed / I walked past him, now he’s dead.”

Meanwhile, the band’s Brian May has stated that he believes humanity will “learn some great lessons” from the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a very hard time for everyone,” he said. “This is a tragedy. But there are things to be grateful for. There’s a lot of people who are in terrible times, and we’re gonna lose a lot of people. It might be me, since I’m an elderly and vulnerable person. But, you know, it’s not all bad — there are good things to look forward to, and this is only for now.”

He added: “When we come out of this, I think there will be some great lessons we have learned. I hope we remember the lessons that we’ve learned — that we can work from home, the cars can stop, the planes can stop, the air can get clear. I mean, suddenly we can all breathe again. That’s gonna save countless lives. There’s no animals being knocked down on the roads anymore, and our wildlife rescue is experiencing a tremendous difference.”