Maggi Simpkins on Designing Custom Bose Ultra Open Earbuds for Kenzie Ziegler 

 Billboard Women in Music returned to YouTube Theater in Inglewood on March 6, recognizing rising stars and A-List artists, creators, producers, and executives for their contributions to the industry and community. Hosted by Award-winning actor and producer Tracee Ellis Ross, the star-studded evening featured electric performances and inspiring speeches from some of the top women dominating the music industry. 



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See latest videos, charts and news

Billboard and Bose teamed up to celebrate women in music by honoring PinkPantheress with Producer of the Year as well as styling emerging artist Kenzie Ziegler in a custom pair of Bose Ultra Open Earbuds. 

The custom buds were created by esteemed jewelry designer Maggi Simpkins who has worked with Billboard on custom pieces for both fans and award honorees at Women in Music since 2022. 

When asked about the design objective for this collaboration, Simpkins told Billboard, 

“The objective was to create something very eye-catching, noticeable, and sparkly, but have it be neutral enough to blend with the other jewelry Kenzie would be wearing. I wanted the buds to be an eye-catching statement piece, but I didn’t want them to dominate her look.” 

The exclusive, custom Bose Ultra Open Earbuds were built with 14k yellow gold and finished with a stunning arrangement of diamonds.

Ziegler graced the carpet in a neutral gray floor length gown, allowing the eye-catching earbuds to be the star of her ensemble. She checked in with Billboard News on the carpet to discuss her look, how Bose is creating space for Women in Music, and a new single due March 15th. 

Simpkins, who has been designing custom pieces for the last decade, is known for placing an emphasis on depth, dimension, and stacking in her work. She grew up in an artistic household and explored mediums like sewing & jewelry making. Upon moving to LA at 18, Simpkins immersed herself in the world of jewelry and never looked back. 

“We all have pieces that we wear on our bodies that represent different times in their lives and I think it’s so cool to celebrate women & their accomplishments with a piece of jewelry. I’m so honored to be a part of this event.”

This feature was created in paid partnership with Bose. Check out more from Women in Music here.