Lonely The Brave on new single 'Bound' and their NHS work during coronavirus: "Everyone is uniting to help"

Lonely The Brave have revealed how they’re juggling the release of new music with efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic in their life outside the band.

The Cambridge group released comeback single ‘Bound’ last month, but drummer Gavin ‘Mo’ Edgeley is also working for a medical transportation firm who are helping to move patients from busy hospitals.

“We’ve been called in to help move NHS patients out of the hospital in the last weeks to prepare for a massive influx of coronavirus patients,” Edgeley told NME.

“We’re taking home a variety patients who are fit enough to do so, but we’re moving Covid-19 patients too – be it suspected or patients who have tested positive.

“At the moment it’s all about team work, so everyone is uniting to help just as best they can.”

As for Lonely The Brave’s comeback, which has seen the vocal debut of new frontman Jack Bennett, Edgeley says it’s a welcome diversion from the day job.

“Luckily we got a lot done before the lockdown happened, so the album is basically finished bar mixing,” he said.

“The singles are done, and we’re quite lucky – there’s stuff to keep us going for the foreeseable future. It feels good to have music out and it’s a distraction from 12 hours in hospital.”

Describing the release of new music, he added: “We questioned whether it was a good time, but my view was that there can’t be a better time. It’d be lovely to be going out and promoting it with live shows, but that won’t happen right now.

“There isn’t a better time – I’d be buzzing if the bands I liked released music at a time like this. You need this new stuff coming out to keep you entertained and it’s needed.”