London label Speedy Wunderground announces first ever album release | NME

London-based label Speedy Wunderground is to release its first ever album as it expands beyond selling limited 7″ singles and 10″ vinyl.

The label, founded by producer Dan Carey (Kylie Minogue, Franz Ferdinand, Bat For Lashes, Kate Tempest) and co-run with engineer Alexis Smith and A&R Pierre Hall, is set to release Tiña‘s debut album ‘Positive Mental Health Music’ on November 6, 2020.

Addressing the milestone for Speedy Wunderground, Carey said: “I’m so glad this is the first record on the label, I’m really proud of it.”

Tiña have also today (June 18) shared the video for their new single ‘Rosalina’.

According to a press release, the south London band’s frontman, Joshua Loftin, used the songs on the forthcoming album to “work through a mental breakdown”. The 11-track record covers themes of anxiety, depression, love, sex, isolation, fear and failure.

Meanwhile, Cary, who first saw Tiña play live at Deptford’s The Bunker Club, said: “What caught my ear was the beauty of their chord changes.”

He wanted to capture the experience of the band live, and to do so he recorded three songs continuously with an intention “to capture the mind state we experience at a gig, the way time travels and how our senses are completely distorted”.

‘Positive Mental Health Music’ tracklist:

1. ‘Buddha’
2. ‘Rosalina’
3. ‘I Feel Fine’
4. ‘Rooster’
5. ‘Closest Shave’
6. ‘Growing In Age’
7. ‘New Boi’
8. ‘Golden Rope’
9. ‘It’s No Use’
10. ‘Dip’
11. ‘People’

Pre-order Tiña’s debut album here now.