Listen to Yungblud's hopeful new pop gem 'Weird'

Yungblud has shared a new track called ‘Weird’ – you can listen to it below.

The Doncaster artist – real name Dominic Harrison – detailed his first music of 2020 during a recent interview with NME. “I was going for an LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode thing,” he said of the inspiration behind the song.

Today (April 22), Yungblud released the optimistic, upbeat pop gem in full. Opening with an arpeggiated synth-bass line, ‘Weird’ deals with anxiety and the near-death experience of Harrison’s mother.

Seems everybody’s worried ’bout the things that we are thinking” sings Yungblud. Turning negative feelings on their head, the singer delivers the hopeful line “don’t wreck your brain/ It’ll be alright” over anthemic instrumentation.

Posting ‘Weird’ to his Twitter page this evening, Yungblud wrote: “Welcome to the new fookin era !!!!” In a follow-up tweet, he called on fans to submit videos of themselves moshing to the track.

“I wanted a naivety to the song because this is a coming of age record,” Yungblud told NME of ‘Weird’.

“The past 18 months were so weird for me. I nearly lost my mum in a car accident. I was in a relationship and got my heart broken. We blew up and got famous really quickly. I started from depression and thought about suicide again.”

Elsewhere, the musician revealed that he was about to enter “an era of optimism” with his new material. “I’m not angry anymore. The first album was so angry and leading into the EP [2019’s ‘The Underrated Youth’] I got hopeful and now I feel optimistic.”

Meanwhile, Yungblud has been live-streaming his YouTube series The Yungblud Show throughout the ongoing coronavirus-enforced lockdown. During last week’s episode, he was joined by guests Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker and Kelly Osbourne.