Listen to Voice of Baceprot’s headbanging playlist to accompany The Cover

NME’s latest star of The Cover, Voice of Baceprot, have shared a playlist exclusively to accompany the story’s launch – check it out below.

The Indonesian metal trio are on this week’s (August 7) edition of The Cover, a renewal of NME’s commitment to supporting emerging talent across the globe on a weekly basis. Every week, a rising artist will feature on The Cover – you can read Voice of Baceprot’s profile here, written by Yudhistira Agato and featuring photography by Saska Paloma Gladina.

Accompanying the story is an exclusive playlist curated by Firda ‘Marsya’ Kurnia, Widi Rahmawati and Euis Siti Aisyah. Going from Slipknot to Rage Against the Machine to Black Sabbath, ‘Songs to listen to while cleaning up at home’ will spice up even the dullest of household chores. (They show their range, too, with a sneaky BLACKPINK inclusion.) Listen to the full playlist on Spotify below and on Apple Music.


Voice of Baceprot’s appearance on The Cover arrives just as the Jakarta-based band hit a new milestone of their career – touring the United States in support of their debut album ‘Retas’. VOB started their first-ever US tour last week, which they’ve been looking forward to with some trepidation: “Everyone says America is like the last boss in a video game,” says guitarist and vocalist Firda ‘Marsya’ Kurnia.

In this week’s Cover story, the trio of Marsya, drummer Euis Siti Aisyah and bassist Widi Rahmawati speak to NME about the ups and downs of their musical journey so far, including the vitriol and contempt they’ve faced as three young Muslim women playing metal music. “It doesn’t matter that we’ve toured Europe twice and are about to do a US tour. When we go back to our hometown, the questions we get are ‘when will you get married and have kids?’ That’s seen as the highest achievement for a woman,” Marsya shares.

Read the full Cover story with Voice of Baceprot here.