Listen to Ada Rook’s new album '2​,​020 Knives'

Ada Rook, formerly of Canadian duo Black Dresses, has released a new solo album, ‘2,020 Knives’ – listen to it below.

Last week, Rook and bandmate Devi McCallion announced they had broken up after one of their tracks went viral on TikTok, citing the “extended harassment” one of its members has received from some fans.

The duo released their latest album ‘Peaceful As Hell’ last month, following on from last year’s LPs ‘Thank You’ and ‘Love And Affection For Stupid Little Bitches’.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Black Dresses said that their decision to split came from certain “entitled” fans’ “extended harassment” of McCallion over the past two years, while also making reference to the attention the band received from their music’s popularity on TikTok.

Now, Rook has released a new album with proceeds going towards “various bail funds.” She is also encouraging direct donations to said bail funds, with a list provided here.

She wrote: “BUT the bottom line is i urge you to PLEASE give to bail funds directly instead of paying me for this album. i don’t need money right now so please give to people who do.

“my hope is that people who’d planned to buy this album will put their money somewhere that can actually make a difference right now, and maybe the album itself can help with a little bit of catharsis or relaxation for someone who needs it. that would be the ideal outcome for me, so please take this album for free and do not feel guilty.”

Listen to ‘2​,​020 Knives’ on Bandcamp below:

Meanwhile, Black Dresses had been scheduled to appear as the support act at Sleigh Bells‘ ‘Treats’ 10th anniversary show in New York last month, though it was cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The band’s back catalogue will now only be available to access and listen to on Bandcamp.