Laura Marling calls Phoebe Bridgers an "extraordinary" songwriter

Laura Marling has spoken of her admiration for Phoebe Bridgers, calling the singer “extraordinary.”

Marling was speaking to NME for last week’s Big Read interview around the release of her surprise new album ‘Song For Our Daughter’.

Discussing her faith in the next generation of songwriters, Marling singled out Bridgers as one of her favourites, telling NME: “She’s so comfortably assertive – I just found her extraordinary.”

After stating that she’s desperate to hear Bridgers’ upcoming second album ‘Punisher’, Marling added: “I met her a couple of years ago when she was in London. The craft of her storytelling is so brilliant and she’s just a brilliant human being as well.”

Elsewhere in the Big Read interview, Marling spoke of how she overlooked Paul McCartney’s post-Beatles solo career, and how it unexpectedly ended up informing a lot of her new album.

‘Song For Our Daughter’ came out on April 10, and was announced just a week prior. The unannounced album was due to come out in August, but Marling decided to bring the album’s release forward, for reasons including the coronavirus pandemic.

Reviewing ‘Song For Our Daughter’, NME wrote: “The folk singer’s seventh album, a tribute to a figurative character, largely eschews percussion in favour of piercing words. It’s a graceful ode to resilience.”

Phoebe Bridgers, meanwhile, recently released new single ‘Kyoto’ from her upcoming second album ‘Punisher’, which is due out in June via Dead Oceans.

Read NME’s recent interview with Bridgers about the forthcoming album (and collaborating with The 1975) here.