Lana Del Rey on Mother’s Day: “It’s challenging for a multitude of reasons” | NME

Lana Del Rey has released a statement on Mother’s Day – celebrated yesterday (May 10) in the US – saying it “isn’t always the peaceful day some people hope it is”.

Taking to Twitter, Del Rey opened up by acknowledging that the celebratory day is “challenging for a multitude of reasons” including “traumas, disappointments of not being a mother [and] rifts with blood mothers”.

“So on this day as I always do every Mother’s Day, I want to send my love out to all my sisters in the world who aren’t quite where they thought they would be this Mother’s Day, and to all of my sisters who are blissfully happy as well,” she said.

“It’s a beautiful thing to be a woman,” she continued. “I feel like a mother inside and out in the way that I’m able to enjoy Mother Nature in all of its glory and in the capacity I have to hold all of my women friends – known to me and unknown – in my heart space, in my womb space, and in my arms and thoughts.

“I am the way I am because of the women along the way who have taught me everything I needed to know and loved me unconditionally. I’m also the way I am because of the women I have encountered in his life who have put conditions on their love and are steely in their nature.”

Del Rey later posted a tribute to her own mother on Instagram, with the caption “1 million reasons why I am grateful”. The post featured various photos of herself with her sister, Caroline and mother, Patricia Ann Hill.

Lana Del Rey is currently working on a new poetry collection, titled Violet Bend Backwards Over The Grass. She has since teased the book by sharing lines from a poem called ‘Happy’ last month, releasing the artwork and announcing it’ll be accompanied by music from Jack Antonoff.

Last year saw the release of Lana Del Rey’s fifth album, ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell,’ which NME honoured as the third best album of 2019.