Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande star in Chromatica Weather Girls clip | NME

Fresh off the release of their highly anticipated collaboration ‘Rain On Me’, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande have apparently taken up meteorology in their next joint venture as weather girls.

Billed as ‘The Chromatica Weather Girls’ in partnership with The Weather Channel, Gaga and Grande report from a recent downpour from their Los Angeles and Beverly Hills homes, respectively. The two hold umbrellas as “rain” – water from a hose – pours down on them.

“It was beautiful just yesterday but, oh wow, how things have changed,” Gaga says in her best newscaster voice. Watch it below:

“Today, it is pouring rain. We are soaking wet. And while some are complaining of the recent downpour, we would like to celebrate the rain.”

“Rain on me, tsunami! Water like misery but the people are still going,” Grande responded, referencing one of the song’s lyrics.

“So true, Ariana!” Gaga said.

“The world is rising up in a massive act of kindness to celebrate the rain the world so desperately needs to quench the thirst of the Earth.”

‘Rain On Me’ is the second single from Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album ‘Chromatica’, which is due out on Friday (May 29). She released lead single ‘Stupid Love’ earlier this year.

Besides Grande, ‘Chromatica’ will also feature K-pop group BLACKPINK and Elton John, per the official tracklist Gaga released last month.