Kourtney Kardashian talks emergency ultrasound that “saved” her and Travis Barker’s baby

Travis Barker‘s wife, Kourtney Kardashian, has opened up about the emergency ultrasound that “saved” her baby’s life.

While speaking to Vogue in a new interview, the reality TV star and Poosh founder revealed that her current pregnancy – which has been classed as geriatric – has come with more restrictions than her previous ones.

Last Month, Blink-182 had to pull a run of UK and Ireland shows as they were due to kick off the tour in Glasgow, citing an “urgent family matter” that forced the drummer to return to the States. Barker then revealed that his wife had underwent “life-threatening emergency surgery” for their unborn baby.


“That experience opened my eyes to a whole new world of pregnancy that I didn’t know about in the past,” Kardashian told Vogue of the incident. “It was terrifying. After, I learned that insurance typically only covers two ultrasounds when you’re pregnant, I had no idea. I’ve always been lucky enough to do more than what insurance covers, and it’s one of those ultrasounds that saved my baby’s life.”

She continued: “I’ve finally been able to let go of the fear and worry that everybody else put in us because of this pregnancy. I’m ready to go in, have the baby, and have the experience we’re meant to have.”

In other news, the Blink-182 drummer recently unveiled his new wax figure at Madame Tussauds, calling it his clone.

“I’m honoured, I’m flattered, I’m shocked. It looks so fucking real,” said Barker in a press release. The drummer took to Instagram to share photos alongside the waxwork with a caption that read “Come say hi to my clone.”


Blink-182 released their latest LP, ‘One More Time...’ last week. In a four-star review of the albumNME shared: “Towards the end of the album, DeLonge asks a question many listeners will have in their minds as they hit play – “2023, who the fuck are we?” They aren’t all that far away from who they’ve always been – three friends wanting to make some noise and have a riot of a time doing it. Although they’re not exactly revolutionising pop punk, this was likely never the goal. Chances are, the fans just want the old Blink back anyway, and in 2023, they’re just as fun as ever.”