King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard set second digital screening of 'Chunky Shrapnel' movie

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have announced a second digital screening of their debut feature film, Chunky Shrapnel, due to popular demand.

Directed by John Angus Stewart, the full-length film captures King Gizzard’s tour in the UK and Europe in support of ‘Infest The Rats’ Nest’.

‘Chunky Shrapnel’ premiered online for 24 hours on April 17, and will return this Friday, April 24 at 11pm BST (Saturday, April 25 at 8am AEST) – this time with additional bonus footage. The movie will again be screened on Vimeo for only 24 hours at the price of USD $10.

A live double album of music from ‘Chunky Shrapnel’ will also arrive on streaming services on April 24.

Chunky Shrapnel was originally set to premiere at Melbourne’s Astor Theatre before its government-enforced closure to stem the spread of coronavirus. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard then announced they would make the film available to stream online.

In an Instagram post announcing the second screening, the band explained the reason for the limited viewing windows: “In order for Chunky to eventually show in cinemas, these are limited time only screenings and they’ve gotta disappear off the internet when they’re done. This is the last one I reckon.”

Read their full post below.

In an interview with NME published last week, Stewart stressed he wanted the film to focus on the band’s music rather than their personalities.

“With documentaries about musicians or even about filmmakers, a lot of the time, to give it a narrative thread, they pry into artists’ personalities or whatnot, trying to extract this deeper narrative to make it feel like a three-act film,” he said.

“But to me, I think [King Gizzard’s] performance and their music is so fuckin’ interesting that you don’t have to do that. And in the end, they’re really interesting guys. They’re all really intelligent, really switched-on and super empathetic. But at the same time, what I find the most interesting about them is their music and how they play it.”

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session on April 18 to promote the band’s debut feature, frontman Stu Mackenzie revealed the ever-prolific band are working on a “few” different projects in isolation.