Khalid and Victoria Monét announce new song to "highlight and celebrate Black joy and love" | NME

Khalid and Victoria Monét have announced a new collaborative single with a social media statement, prospectively titled ‘Experience’. The song will arrive on June 19 and is produced by SG Lewis.

“To be honest, we’ve gone back and forth about releasing this song because of the disgusting and confusing state of the world,” the statement reads. “After a lot of thinking and feeling, we decided to continue with the plan to put it out, so we want to give some context on why.

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“We’ve always used music as a form of escapism from troubling things. This song, though deep in subject matter, sonically simply feels joyful and celebratory. It’s important to us to highlight and celebrate Black joy and love in the middle of so much pain and trauma.”

Monét also highlighted the importance of June, which represents both Black Music Month and Pride Month. The singer indicated her “queer identity is another important celebration for me”, even throughout the global pandemic.

“The LGBTQ+ community and the Black community (especially those of us who are part of both) have always struggled to be seen in our own ways,” she wrote.

“The struggles between the two are not the same, but they share the inspiring persistence in the relentless pursuit to be heard and seen, especially in difficult times like these.”

The two concluded their message hoping the new song would bring “some solace and joy to you”.

“Though it was a scary decision, we wanted to honor and represent that fearless part of our people by continuing with this release through it all,” they wrote.

“We hope the double ended message of this song is heard: based on experience, we want change! We matter, we always have. Here’s to making changes and celebrating US the best ways we know how. Genuine love to you and yours.”