Kavinsky shares first new music in over eight years with 'Renegade'

Kavinsky has shared his first new music in over eight years with new track ‘Renegade’ – listen to it below.

The French music producer, most well-known for his 2010 single ‘Nightfall’ which featured in the film Drive, has not released any new music since 2013.

The new single, which you can listen to here, also features vocals from Cautious Clay.

Kavinsky worked on ‘Renegade’ with Victor Le Masne and Justice’s Gaspard Augé at Paris’ Motorbass Studio.

Cautious Clay, meanwhile, co-wrote the track with the producers.

‘Renegade’ will appear on Kavinsky’s new album ‘Reborn’, the follow-up to his 2013 release, ‘Outrun’.

In a four-star review of ‘Outrun’, NME said at the time: “Cheesy soft-rock guitars, guest spots from Lovefoxxx and Havoc from Mobb Deep, a storyline straight from a horror B-movie: this album really shouldn’t work.

“That it does is down to Kavinsky’s painstaking production and his dark vision of the place where rock and electro meet. Years touring with Daft Punk have made a deep impression, and Kavinsky has created a glossy synth sound that’s undercut with a sinister edge. Tracks like the strutting ‘Blizzard’, the eerily sexy ‘Nightcall’ and the knowingly overblown ‘First Blood’ make you feel as cool as a joyriding Ryan Gosling, even if you’re sat on the 8.15 East Coast service to Peterborough.”