Kai Phi’s “California Forever” Introduces The City’s Various Authentic Sounds

One of the most versatile DJs and producers of the EDM scene, Kai Phi drops a hybrid new track called “California Forever.” The experimental artist brings forth different genre elements that include electronic boom bap, hip-hop, trip-hop, and downtempo microhouse music. “I am a surrealist who discovers noises and structures them into patterns across frequency and harmonic ranges that appeal to sentient beings,” admits the musician.

“California Forever” is the first release of the quadrilogy that is expected to come out in the coming weeks. Kai Phi explains: “It is a tribute to California nightlife and all of our iconic venues, and the music played in them that has and continues to shape the culture of the great state of California.” In addition to the new single, he plans to share three more anticipated tracks: “Le Midi,” “Dream Drum,” and “In Dig A New.” 

Integrating his genre-bending influences into tracks like “AMG Hammer” and “Subvolo,” Kai Phi aspires “to share something authentic, unique, and memorable that is trusted to sound good and make people feel something when they listen.” Inspired by iconic musicians like Radiohead, Burial, and Flying Lotus, he continues to blend ‘70s post-punk, jazz, and funk into his music.

Highlighting the incredible and unique California club vibes, Kai Phi’s “California Forever” is the perfect depiction of the Golden State’s rooftop parties and ambient music. The fast-emerging producer makes sure to create songs that build an emotional connection with the public, at the same time giving them something that they can enjoy listening to.

Listen to “California Forever” on Spotify: