“Jamaican Me Happy” From Khiy Promises To Boost Your Energy To The Top

Someone: How many genres do you want to mix?
No one:
Literally not a single soul: 
Khiy: YAAS!

Have you heard the Atlanta, GA-based singer-songwriter Kiah Coleman’s recent release? The young artist goes under the name of Khiy and drops mindblowing tracks one after the other. Her previous releases “Study My Flex” and “Eleven” were promising enough, but her latest release, “Jamaican Me Happy,” sets the bar as high as no one believed it was possible. The track is an incredible blend of diversely vivid and energetic genres, such as reggae, r&b, and hip-hop. Each of the genres she experimented with is so uniquely atmospheric that extraordinary talent and dedication are required to risk and mix them all together. However, Khiy did not only once prove her boldness. 

In “Jamaican Me Happy,” the artist gives one of her most soulful performances ever. Her voice is filled with laid back feel-good, summery vibes; her music is smooth and soothing, her verses are encouraging and fun. Khiy sings with utmost charisma and passion. She celebrates life, the good vibes, positivity, and the power of the magical plant of Cannabis. Infinitely positive energy and the artist’s utmost dedication to having fun pour out of the masterfully crafted track with unforgettable beats. “Jamaican Me Happy” is filled with an infectious vibe you will catch instantly. Be ready to forget about anything else, and enjoy your time with Khiy and her inviting tune.