IDLES cut ties with SSD Concerts following employee mistreatment allegations

IDLES have announced that SSD Concerts will no longer be promoting their upcoming Newcastle show following allegations of employee mistreatment.

The claims, which were posted on workplace review website Glassdoor, were shared with screenshots on the company’s Instagram account, when it was allegedly “hacked”. The accusations include “underpaying” workers, “offensive” language and people being made to feel “uncomfortable” at work.

SSD Concerts, which was responsible for bringing the world’s first socially distanced gigs to Newcastle last year, currently has an overall 1.4 star rating on the website out of 21 reviews from people claiming to be former employees.

The company has denied the claims, calling them “false and malicious”, and insist that they do “not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination in any form”.

This evening (April 1), IDLES took to Instagram to inform fans that SSD would no longer be promoting their show at Newcastle City Hall next year.

“In light of the recent allegations against SSD Concerts, we would like to make it clear that they will no longer be promoting our show at Newcastle City Hall on 2 February 2022,” the band’s statement began.

“For anyone that has experienced sexual harassment or bullying in the workplace here are some useful resources from @goodnightoutcampaign.”

They also included the Good Night Out campaign website address and informed fans that the link was also in their Instagram bio.

Earlier this week, IDLES confirmed their live return this summer, with the band set to play two separate shows on September 3.

The Bristol punks will perform a special afternoon set at the inaugural edition of London’s Wide Awake festival, before travelling back to their native city for a huge homecoming show at Clifton Downs.

Meanwhile, IDLES drummer Jon Beavis has announced that he’s taking part in a charity run to support women’s organisations Rosa and Reclaim These Streets.