Ibiza clubs to remain shut despite Spain relaxing lockdown laws

Nightclubs and venues in the Balearic Islands, including those that are a part of Ibiza’s internationally-renowned club circuit, will remain closed despite Spain loosening its coronavirus restrictions.

Along with over half of Spain, the region is today (June 8) entering phase three of the Spanish government’s coronavirus exit strategy, which allows nightclubs to reopen as long as they comply with restrictions.

However, the president of the Balearic Islands Francina Armengol has issued a decree ordering those in his region to stay shut, citing spikes in coronavirus cases abroad that are linked to nightlife. His decree also applies to Magaluf.

“We are not in a position to allow nightlife, it is not a priority,” said Armengol. “It is time to bet clearly on quality, family-friendly and respectful tourism. Not only with the space but also respectful and responsible against a disease that spreads very quickly.”

Elsewhere in Spain, nightclubs that do open must operate at no more than one third of their maximum capacity, remove dance floors and replace them with tables, and require the use of masks when social distancing cannot be practiced.

Local businesses have protested Armengol’s decision, arguing that it could lead to underground parties and unlicensed street entertainment. A federation of Ibiza’s small and medium-sized businesses (PIMEEF) has estimated that this summer 80% of them will suffer “very significant or unaffordable loss of income” due to the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Live Nation President and CEO Michael Rapino revealed the promoter and ticketing agency are working on ways to bring live music back in some form this summer. Those plans include shows held without an audience broadcast to fans at home, drive-in concerts and festivals with reduced capacities.