Hayley Williams covers Phoebe Bridgers' 'Smoke Signals' and shares heartfelt message of unity

Hayley Williams has shared a cover of Phoebe Bridgers‘ track ‘Smoke Signals’ – you can hear it below.

The Paramore frontwoman, who’s due to release part two of her ‘Petals For Armor’ project next month, took to Instagram this evening (April 7) to post an acoustic performance shot during self-isolation.

Williams described ‘Smoke Signals’ as “a perfect song” and apologised to Bridgers “for butchering [her] beautiful guitar parts”.

Elsewhere in the video’s caption, the musician dedicated the “self-serenade” cover to her friend Lindsey whose father recently passed away. “One of her favs is Phoebe Bridgers,” she wrote.

Going on to say that she is currently unable to “hang with her or hug her tight”, Williams urged her followers to check in on their friends during the coronavirus crisis “and send them your love”.

“Just because we are all isolated right now doesn’t mean we aren’t as close,” she added. “Our connection to each other defies space and time.”

This comes after Hayley Williams shared a workout video set to the tune of her latest single ‘Over Yet’ on YouTube. “Here’s an exercise routine so short you don’t even need to put your hair up in pony tail,” she told her followers.