Happy Mondays’ Bez says he’s “lucky to be alive” after motorbike accident

Happy Monday’s Bez has revealed that he’s “lucky to be alive” after an accident involving a motorbike earlier this year.

In February, Bez was riding a motorbike alongside a series of professional riders “off-road in the mountains near Magaluf”. While on their way home from the ride, however, Bez said that he “lost the front end and had a really bad accident”.

He went on to tell The Daily Star: “I broke bones. I broke my foot and did all my ligaments in”. Four months after the accident, Bez said he was “[only] just recovered.


“It still hurts a bit and it’s not quite right, but it’s getting more and more easier,” he added.

In 1999 Bez ended up in intensive care after coming off a high-powered motorbike but has said he’ll “never give up” riding motorbikes.

“I get so much pleasure out of it,” he explained. “That’s one of the things I love to do, and when I go out, it takes my mind off everything,” he added. “My last accident was three years ago, and if I can go another three without injury, I’ll be happy.”

Mantra of the Cosmos, photo by Andrzej Liguz/Neil Cooper
Mantra of the Cosmos, photo by Andrzej Liguz/Neil Cooper

Earlier this month, Bez launched new musical project Mantra Of The Cosmos, which also features Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays, Black Grape), Zak Starkey (The Who, Oasis) and Andy Bell (Oasis, Ride).

The supergroup also released debut single ‘Gorilla Guerilla’ , which was described by Starkey as “a fantastic psychedelic groove from a band of misfits, outsiders and innovators”.


Speaking about the new project, Bell said: “It’s a pleasure to be part of Mantra of the Cosmos. Four like-minded souls who get off on the same music.”

“It doesn’t sound like the Mondays or Black Grape or Oasis or The Who, it’s what we’re doing all together,” added Ryder.

The band are due to perform at Glastonbury Festival’s Glade area on Sunday, June 25 at 8.20pm.