Halsey on BTS’ Suga: “We seem strangely connected on a creative wavelength”

Halsey has touched on her friendship with BTS member Suga and why they have such a special connection.

On May 17, Halsey took to her Instagram account to reminisce on her seven-year friendship with Suga. The post comes just days after she made a surprise guest appearance during Suga’s May 14 concert at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, where the duo performed ‘Suga’s Interlude’ live for the first time.

“I’ve shared a stage with my friend many times, but never alone and never like this,” Halsey said of the experience. “When the song ended all we could do was laugh because it was just a feeling of ‘woah that just happened?!’.”


Later in the post, Halsey revealed that she calls Suga her “twin”, saying: “We have the same smile, we have a lot of shared interests, sometimes we even have the same haircut.”

“But I mostly say it because we seem strangely (and sometimes wordlessly) connected on a creative wavelength,” she added. Halsey also touched on what it was like to watch Suga perform at his own solo concert, calling it an “incredible experience”.

“He is a true artist, which I’ve always known. But seeing the energy, versatility, creativity and courageous darkness of the show blew me away,” Halsey wrote, ending the post by thanking both Suga and ARMY for “making me feel right at home”.

Suga has since reacted to the post, jokingly commenting: “twin??? I’m a year older than you.” Halsey then hilariously retorted: “omg how rude of me not to respect my elders. sorry old man ur right.” Check out Halsey’s full post here.

Suga first kicked off his solo ‘Suga | Agust D’ world tour in New York last month, in support of his official debut album ‘D-DAY’. The record included collaborations with South Korean singer IU, the late Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and The Rose singer Woosung.