Gwar's Pustulus Maximus on self-isolation: "It's an opportune time not to talk to anyone"

Pustulus Maximus, the monstrous lead guitarist of cult shock-metal band GWAR, has revealed how he’s spending his self-isolation.

Speaking from his “Antarctic Fortress” to CNN, Maximus said: “I just think it’s a very opportune time not to have to talk to anyone. Management doesn’t call, the labels don’t call.”

Asked whether his bandmates are staying active during isolation, Maximus said: “I don’t care […] I mean they’re doing stuff I guess, working on music. I’m not going to learn any of it.”

“Once this is all over we want to kill you up close, he continued. “We like it personal, we don’t want a pandemic to take you guys out, we need to work too. That’s our job.”

It echoes a similar sentiment expressed by GWAR drummer Jizmak Da Gusha in a Twitter video message “checking back in with you FILTHY HUMAN MAGGOTS!”

“I dont know what to tell you guys, I’m just bummed that this pandemic is gonna take out most of the world’s population and GWAR doesn’t get to do it themselves,”  he said from behind an array of alcoholic drinks.

“I mean come on, this is what we were made for, this is what we’re here for was to kill you humans and meanwhile we have some virus that’s gonna do it. You can’t even see that thing. It’s a travesty. I want to get back on the road. I want to see all the friends. I want to kill all of you.”