Gum Country share new single 'Tennis (I Feel Ok)' | NME

Los Angeles based indie-rock duo Gum Country — comprised of Courtney Garvin of The Courtneys and Connor Mayer — have shared their latest single, ‘Tennis (I Feel Ok)’.

Listen to the new track below:

‘Tennis (I Feel Ok)’ is the second single from Gum Country’s forthcoming debut, ‘Somewhere’, which is slated for a June 19 release.

The new track is an ode to Garvin’s favourite sport —  a sentiment he describes as “kinda goofy”.

“In all honesty my relationship with tennis is so meaningful to me on a spiritual level,” Garvin said in a press release.

“It’s my meditation practice. The game makes you present, you’re repeating movements, and finding a rhythm. I think all athletes are artists. Plus you get to be outside, getting exercise, hanging with friends and all of those things are so good for you. So the song is pretty much about how tennis just makes my life better. I love tennis. If anyone reading this wants to play (after the pandemic) please hit me up.”

Gum Country initially began in Vancouver, where the pair first recorded low-volume demos for their self-described “harsh-twee” project in an apartment.

After relocating to LA, Garvin and Mayer began recording in earnest with Joo-Joo Ashworth at Studio 22, which culminated in the birth of ‘Somewhere’.