Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste has become a therapist

Former Grizzly Bear frontman Ed Droste has revealed that he has opened his own practice as a therapist.

Posting on Instagram, Droste said that he had begun “the next stage of my career”, working in mental health.

“I provide virtual and in-person counselling for adults and teenagers in Los Feliz,” he said, referring to the neighbourhood of Los Angeles in which his independent practice will be based.  “If you know anyone seeking a therapist in California, please don’t hesitate to share my contact details,” he continued. “Thank you all so much for your support!”


Back in 2020, Droste appeared on the Lunch Therapy podcast and confirmed that he had left Grizzly Bear in order to study at a graduate school, with the aim of becoming a therapist.

“Mental health has always been really fascinating to me,” he said on the show. “It is a welcome change.”

“I was tired of having my success or career linked to public perception and reaction. I figured out how to deal with it for the most part, but it weighs you down.”

Since then, Droste has contributed vocals to the song ’For the Sky‘ by the German indie pop duo Haerts in 2020. He also featured on backing vocals on ’Morning Starship’ in 2019, a cover version of the 1973 Jobriath song recorded by Morrissey for his album ‘California Son’.


Grizzly Bear originally began as Droste’s solo project, with their first album, 2004’s ‘Horn of Plenty’ being recorded almost entirely by Droste, with contributions from future Grizzly Bear drummer Christopher Bear.

Other than 2021’s reissue of cult favourite ‘Yellow House‘, the band’s most recent album was 2017’s ‘Painted Ruins’. Around the release of that record, band member Daniel Rossen confirmed that they were going on hiatus – before embarking on his own solo career.

“I think for now it’s safe to say we’re inactive, but I’m very reluctant to make some grand statement like, ‘We’ve broken up’. I don’t trust that, especially because people come back together again. I think it’s entirely possible that we could, I just don’t know,” he said in 2022.

Droste confirmed that his new therapy practice can be reached via his supervisor’s website here.