Florence + The Machine unveil new ‘Under Heaven Over Hell’ compilation playlist

Florence + The Machine have unveiled a new career-spanning compilation playlist titled ‘Under Heaven Over Hell’.

Personally curated by frontwoman Florence Welch, the playlist features 39 tracks from all five of the band’s studio albums including 2009’s ‘Lungs’, 2011’s ‘Ceremonials’, 2015’s ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful‘, 2018’s ‘High As Hope‘ and 2022’s ‘Dance Fever‘. Listen to the compilation here.

Announcing the playlist on her official Instagram page, Welch posted a photo of the cover with a caption that read: “We seem to have so many new Indoctrinates at the shows so as a welcome to our new followers, and a thank you to everyone who truly embraced ‘Dance Fever’ in the most creative and beautiful ways, We created an FATM anthology, a collection of songs from the last 5 albums.”


She continued: “Options for listening are: running through a field, in a haunted house, drinking fake blood and crying glitter, Drunk in a clown suit, Calling like a crow for a boyfor a body in the garden, But would love to hear your suggestions.”

Welch is currently spending the summer headlining festivals across Europe in celebration of 2022’s ‘Dance Fever‘. In a four-star review of the LP, NME shared: “‘Dance Fever’ is largely obsessed with reclamation, not just of the dancefloor, but of love and selfhood. Where 2018’s pleasant but sometimes forgettable ‘High As Hope’ saw Welch powerfully sing about her past – the gut-punch lyrics of lead single ‘Hunger’ outlined her recovery from an eating disorder – this album looks towards Welch’s future and who she wants to become.”

It continued: “For Welch, the reality of being a pop star is still evidently surreal, and the songs of ‘Dance Fever’ are full of admissions, plainly sung, with very little left between the lines. Where her music has long been full of near-mythological imagery – 2015’s ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ started life as a concept record about a witch coven – the reality presented on this album is profoundly more haunting.”

In other news, Welch had an emotional reaction to seeing one of her songs featured at the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3. In a TikTok clip the singer is seen crying and laughing as she watches the scene.