Fans think Victoria Beckham is teasing return to music with Spice Girls karaoke session

Victoria Beckham has sent Spice Girls fans into a frenzy by sharing a video clip of her singing one of the group’s hits at karaoke.

Beckham – also known as Posh spice – took to her official TikTok page to share a video clip of her doing karaoke during a party celebrating soccer superstar Lionel Messi’s Major League Soccer debut with Inter Miami.

She teamed up with her husband David Beckham to sing the 1996 Spice Girls hit ‘Say You’ll Be There’. The caption of the video read: “Warming up the vocals in Miami! More to come,” sending fans into a frenzy with them believing that the former pop singer turned designer will be returning to the Spice Girls.


Warming up the vocals in Miami! More to come ?!! ??

♬ original sound – Victoria Beckham


Fans immediately took to the comments to react over the caption hinting at more coming soon. One commenter wrote: “The return of POSH SPICE OMG LIFE,” while another shared: “Please come back with the other girls! You’re my childhood!”

Comments also made their rounds on Twitter with American blogger Perez Hilton sharing: “Love seeing our #PoshSpice back and excited about singing again! The #SpiceGirls 30th anniversary is upon us!” Check out more fan reactions below.


Back in May, the girl group hinted that a mystery project is in the works, featuring all five original members.

Scary Spice (aka Mel B)  told The Sun that the pop group were putting the finishing touches on a new project that will be revealed “pretty soon”. She also shared that it would be something that the fans will love.

“We are planning on releasing a statement. What that is, I can’t say right now because we’re just finishing off perfecting what we’re going to be doing together, all five of us, but it’s going to be something that the fans are really going to love,” she told the publication.

She also confirmed that Beckham would taking part in the project, sharing: “Well, it’s not even about convincing her. I mean, she dressed me and my mum for when I got my MBE, so we’ve kind of always been in contact.”

Spice Girls during their 2007 reunion tour
Spice Girls during their 2007 reunion tour. Credit: MJ Kim/Spice Girls LLP/Getty Images

“It’s not like none of us are speaking together, we’ve all got a group WhatsApp, but it’s just about timing. She was really busy doing her fashion line and supporting David with his moves and his career and obviously she’s got a bunch of kids so it’s just about finding the right time and we’ve managed to do that, so there should be an announcement pretty soon,” she explained.

Beckham previously explained why she “couldn’t commit” to participating in a Spice Girls reunion, citing her fashion and beauty lines as well as her children as reasons why a reunion was not in the works for her.

The Spice Girls are one of the leading contenders to headline next year’s edition of Glastonbury.

Mel B had previously alluded to the band performing at Glastonbury 2023 on The Big Narstie Show, saying that she’d love to do a special performance at Worthy Farm. However, Mel C then announced that the band wouldn’t be able to take part due to schedule conflicts.

“We would love to do Glasto,” she said. “It just doesn’t fit with the current plan with the girls. We do want to get back on stage – everything is up in the air.”